E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy

A Source Engine FPS/RPG

E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy Unreleased Sountrack


These tracks did not make it in the final game for different reasons. Some of them are good / finished enough to be disclosed.

Looking back on these unreleased tracks, August, 18th 2018


This track was the initial idea when Pierrick asked me for an über-ambiant track. It was put aside at some point and became qnI after some iterations.


Unreleased you say ? The fun fact is, a few weeks ago I was doing another playthrough E.Y.E and I realized that the song was used in the Electric Sheep mission. It uses the theme we wrote with my brother that you can hear in qnG or Eye for an E.Y.E.


This one is pretty much unfinished. I did include it because I do like the atmosphere it conveys. If the track had to be ingame, I would have worked a lot more on the drum part which repeats itself a bit too much.

Eye for an E.Y.E

Much like qnK, Eye for an E.Y.E is the track that should have been the credits rolls. Since the game does not have a classic credit rolls, it would have been pretty strange to play this kind of track. Thanks to my talented brother, we came out with this death metal track that sounds pretty neat.


At some point, we were discussing about a big epic ending. We didn’t knew at the moment if we were going to do cinematics or not… but we wanted to have a big epic song for the final sequence of the game. Finally, the ending happens to be way different and we never used this track.


Just some strange eerie ambiant track. I did not remembered when it was meant to be used in the game, but someone on the Steam forums told me it was playing credits pedestal… I should play more the games I’m working on.

V Welcome Aboard (Menu Theme)