Something Personal

Misc compositions, random style

This is not an album per say. These are compositions I write on my free time to clear my head.

Every track on this page is free to use for non-commercial purpose as long as you credit me. If you want to use one of the tracks for commercial use, please contact me.

Cover / Remixes are excluded. Since I don’t own the original rights, you can only use them for non-commercial projects.

Style : Electro / Pop

A cover of Mirror’s Edge’s Theme. When the trailer of the game initially came out, I was kind of frustrated how short it was… so I made a longer version.

Style : progressive rock / metal

I love to write progressive metal. I came up with this song when I was listening a bit too much Dreamtheater, Marillion and Frost*

Style : Orchestral metal

The Run is a track I wrote with some kind of cinematic epic battle / pursuit in mind.

Style : Ambiant / Sountrack

I released it when I was watching Veronica Mars. Some of the original soundtrack of the show inspired me this progressive and mysterious track.

Style : Sountrack (cover)

When Sunshine hit the theaters, the soundtrack release took a long time to be available. I decided to write my own rendition of two themes I loved in the movie.

Style : Ambiant Metal

Komat is a new version of a song we wrote with my old band Kaideren.

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